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"A critical aspect in managing complex projects is the ability to identify external pressures likely to influence the quality of the asset; and establish organisational and management systems sufficiently robust and flexible, to stand up to such rigour. Mark has those skills in abundance and without a doubt his appointment to Project OMAR (M/Y Dilbar – World Superyacht Award 2017) heavily influenced the quality of the final asset."

- Paul Doherty, Chief Engineer, Project OMAR.

“There is no doubt that we have ended up with a much better yacht thanks to your efforts.” 

- Tim Armstrong, Captain, of M/Y Dilbar

“His honesty and integrity is beyond question and he can be relied on to complete any task he has taken on.” 

- Mark Lindsay, Managing Director of TLC Refit & Repair Ltd.

“Mark played a major role in controlling standards on board during the yacht’s construction. It’s fair to say that many of the superior standards achieved by the shipyard, were due to Mark’s constant monitoring of their operations.” 

- Robert Peel, Ex. Captain of M/Y Boadicea